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AKFA ELECTRIC, a wholesaler and retailer of electrical products in Azerbaijan, was established in 2003 and has been operating for more than 19 years. It has also completed a number of high-quality electrical installation projects and is currently operating
In addition to constantly expanding its scope of activities and establishing business relations with the world's most famous companies, the company attracts professionals who can present the products of these companies to customers at a high level.

The company is increasing its customer base day by day, gaining popularity with the quality of its products and services.
The world-famous "Siemens", "Legrand", "Gewiss", "Philips", "Osram", "Dewalt", "Unal Kablo", "Eraplast", "Mutlusan", "Aksa Generator", "Cetinkaya Pano", "Mono Electric", "İsildar", "Makel", "Mekas". "Kablo", "Alkan Kardeşler", "Tüm Elektrik", "Tümpa Elektrik" and others. There are 10,000 names of electrical products from manufacturers.

The main mission of our company is to be recognized as a constantly evolving brand that offers quality products at reasonable prices, expands cooperation, combines comfort, trust and confidence with a wide range of products, superior service level.


Unal Kablo


Sedef Kablo

Multusan Electric

Mono Electric


Era Plast

Çetinkaya Pano

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